Dwoo PHP Template engine

Dwoo is a PHP5 template engine which is (almost) fully compatible with Smarty templates and plugins, but is written from scratch for PHP5, and adds many features.
Dwoo is was started in early 2008. The idea came from the fact that Smarty, a well known template engine, is getting older and older. It carries the weight of it’s age, having old features that are inconsistent compared to newer ones, being written for PHP4 its Object Oriented aspect doesn’t take advantage of PHP5’s more advanced features in the area, etc. Hence Dwoo was born, hoping to provide a more up to date and stronger engine. So far it has proven to be faster than Smarty in many areas, and it provides a compatibility layer to allow developers that have been using Smarty for years to switch their application over to Dwoo progressively.


* Template Inheritance, a fresh look at complex template structures, now built without includes
* Sub-template declaration within templates to allow recursive templates.
* Smarty syntax compatibility with several additions and shortcuts to speed up template writing
* Flexible plugin creation, plugins can be wrapped in classes or simple functions, they can be precompiled to optimize the load time of the template, etc.
* Scope aware engine, allowing for shorter templates
* Unicode / UTF-8 support for string manipulation functions.
* Generally faster than Smarty with variable speed improvements depending on the features used.
* E_STRICT compliant code that does not throw PHP warnings.
* Ready to use with several frameworks using the provided adapters (ZendFramework, Agavi, CakePHP, CodeIgniter)

If you want to know more about the Dwoo Template engine please visit http://dwoo.org/