HTML5 : New features

HTML5 introduces a number of new elements
and attributes that helps in building a modern
websites. Following are great features introduced in HTML5.

New Semantic Elements:
HTML5 introduces new semantic elements like <header>, <footer>, and <section>.

Forms 2.0:
Improvements to HTML web forms where new attributes have been
introduced for <input> tag.

Persistent Local Storage:
To achieve without resorting to third-party plugins.

WebSocket :
A a next-generation bidirectional communication technology for webapplications.

Server-Sent Events:
Introduces events which flow from web server to the web browsers and they are called Server-Sent Events (SSE).

This supports a two-dimensional drawing surface that you can program with JavaScript.

Audio & Video:
We can embed audio or video on your web pages without resorting to third-party plugins.

Now visitors can choose to share their physical location with your webapplication.

This lets you create your own vocabularies beyond HTML5 and extend your web pages with custom semantics.

Drag and drop feature:
Drag and drop the items from one location to another location on the same webpage.