CakePHP Framework

The CakePHP framework provides a robust base for your application. It can handle every aspect, from the user’s initial request all the way to the final rendering of a web page. And since the framework follows the principles of MVC, it allows you to easily customize and extend most aspects of your application.

The framework also provides a basic organizational structure, from filenames to database table names, keeping your entire application consistent and logical. This concept is simple but powerful. Follow the conventions and you’ll always know exactly where things are and how they’re organized.
Features :
* No Configuration – Set-up the database and let the magic begin
* Extremely Simple – Just look at the name…It’s Cake
* Active, Friendly Community – Join us #cakephp on IRC. We’d love to help you get started
* Flexible License – Distributed under the MIT License
* Clean IP – Every line of code was written by the CakePHP development team
* Best Practices – covering security, authentication, and session handling, among the many other features
* Object Oriented – Whether you are a seasoned object-oriented programmer or a beginner, you’ll feel comfortable

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