eZ Publish – Open Source CMS

It offers Content Management (CMS) & Customer Experience (CXM) solutions that enable you to create great digital experiences that work! Web publishing, mobile and multichannel content delivery, digital marketing, e-commerce, workflow – the platform offers many tools that will help you build successful solutions. Get in touch with us to discover them quicker!

eZ Publish Platform 5.1 placed an advanced set of APIs into the hands of developers: PHP and REST, removing any barriers to the creation of innovative solutions based on content manipulation of all sorts. These APIs are backwards compatible for several years, securing your developments in time (add-ons to eZ Publish Platform, extensions). The big novelty: with 5.2, we ship a Javascript-based client to speed up the creation of your client-side apps (mobile, rich client, web), assisting you on both sides of the multi-channel story: back-end and client-side. On top of this, both the PHP & REST APIs were consolidated, repositioning them as high-standard tools for thorough content manipulation.

eZ Publish is written in PHP. The recommended web server is Apache. Some alternatives, such as Lighttpd, Hiawatha, Cherokee, are fully functional and lightweight.
The database abstraction layer enables the use of most common databases, i.e. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle, without changes to the core system, by using drivers.
The software is cluster-ready and enforces the separation of content and presentation via XML storage of all content.

eZ Publish is managed via a Web browser, and additional local software is not necessary. It also features a rich-text editor that allows formatting content similar to a word processor. This enables content editing and contribution without HTML skills. Content management can also be done through the eZ Publish frontend.

The eZ Publish range of features includes professional and secure development of web applications. Functional areas include content versioning, media library, role-based rights management, mobile development, sitemaps, search and printing.
Additionally, the system includes extensions, which contain individual functions. This allows for the upgrading of components while preserving compatibility with customized parts.

The software is provided for free, and may be used and modified according to the GPL. In addition, paid professional support is available with the eZ Publish Enterprise Edition. Furthermore, a commercial license is also available, granting the right to use eZ Publish under license conditions different from the GPL.
To support its commercial operations, eZ Systems has a network of certified partner companies that perform application implementations. Currently there are approximately 200 partners worldwide. The company itself employs about 110 people in Norway, Denmark, France, United States, Germany and Japan. The eZ community, composed of programmers, designers and users can be found at the eZ Community site.

eZ Publish features

  • User defined content classes and objects
  • Role based permissions system
  • Template engine
  • Version control
  • Workflow management and task system
  • Image conversion and scaling
  • Database abstraction layer
  • Multi-lingual support, with Unicode
  • libraries for XML, SOAP, localization and internationalization
  • Search engine support

For more details visit http://ez.no/Products/The-eZ-Publish-Platform and download it.