Define a PHP Variable

PHP variable’s name begins with a $ sign, followed by a name- and that name must start with a letter or an underscore, not a number.PHP can also store all types of data in variables which makes things a lot easier. (Don’t have to create different types to store data, … Read more

Comments in PHP Code

A comment is using to note a short description about the working flow of the program or hide some unwanted code for special purposes . Commented code couldn’t execute or do anything in the part of the program.
we can use // for a single-line comment or /* and */ … Read more

Assign values using PHP

In PHP, basic assignment operator is equal to(“=”). Some other operators are +=, -=, *=, /=, .= and %= .

The value of $b is assigned to a variable $b.
It is the same calculation of $a=$a+$b.
It is the same calculation of $a=$a-$b.
It is
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Compare two values using PHP

In PHP, Comparison operators helps to compare two values. basic comparison operators are Equal(==),Identical(===),Not equal(!= or <>), Not identical(!==), Less than(), Less than or equal to(=)

$a == $b
if $a is equal to $b then return TRUE.
$a != $b
if $a is not equal to $b then return
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String Functions in PHP

PHP have some inbuilt powerful string handling and manipulating functions. PHP string function are

To add backslashes , in front of the specified characters
To add backslashes , in front of the predefined characters
Convert binary data into hexadecimal representation
Alias of rtrim
Return a
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