PHPEdit is the best PHP IDE (Integrated Development Environment) on the market, dedicated to create dynamic and professional websites more easily and efficiently and up to 50% faster.

It designed to maximize developers’ productivity helping you to code faster, to debug PHP and test your projects, as well as to maximize project management within your IT team.

PHPEdit has been designed to maximise your productivity helping you to develop code easily, efficiently and much faster. You will find highly valuable tools integrated into PHPEdit which includes syntax highlighting, code collapsing, code completion, code hint, real-time syntax checking, token match, and many more.

PHPEdit is going even further assisting you in your web development and enhancing your productivity. It also integrated various code generation functionalities to help you such as templates, PHPDoc documentation generation, method overriding and implementing.

PHPEdit offers syntax highlighting for many languages including PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, XML, XSLT, etc…

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