The first, PHP IDE Project, is an Eclipse Foundation project, which means it is released under the Eclipse license and is developed using the Eclipse Foundation’s tools and processes.

The other is PHPEclipse and is developed independently. As with Eclipse, both run on the Big Three operating systems: Windows, Linux®, and Mac OS X. You can download just the plug-ins (if you already use Eclipse), or download a pre-fab version with everything you need.

Both plug-ins support core IDE features you would expect to find. The code intelligence is rock-solid, pops up when you want it, and displays all the information you need for classes, methods, and arguments.

PHPEclipse runs on all the major OS platforms and has the following features:

Basic Features

    * Syntax Coloring , Brackets Matching ,Code folding , Code Completion , Parameter hints , Mark Occurrences , Hover Tooltips , PHP Manual integration , Code templates etc


    * XDebug support , DBG Support

Version control

    * CVS , SVN++


    * SSH/SFTP ++ , FTPS ++

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